Sunday, May 23, 2010


I can't seem to take care of our daughter at church. If she's awake, I can't keep her quiet. If it's time for a nap, I can't get her to sleep. Luckily, Megan as BombDiggityDaddy for a father. BombDiggityDaddy has some major know-how when it comes to taking care of Megan at church. He knows how to help her sleep- and how to keep her asleep. BombDiggityDaddy knows how to keep Megan quiet & happy.

If I could sew, I'd make Jared a costume that said "BombDiggityDaddy," complete with a cape.

I always go to church an hour early for choir, and BombDiggityDaddy wakes up Megan from her nap, gets her all dressed up, and brings her to church. Half the time he has to give her a bath, too. After sacrament meeting, BombDiggityDaddy even has to walk around the building to make sure all the classes have teachers, and he takes Megan along for the ride. Then, he takes care of her all through church without ever bothering me, and brings her back home. To top it off, BombDiggityDaddy is always happy after church & smiling when I come home.

I think it's probably because he loves Megan. Oh, and me, too.

I love you, BombDiggityDaddy! Megan loves you, too (she says your name all the time... that's your proof).


mikensi said...

so cute! ^.^

Jasmin said...

You go, BombDiggityDaddy! What a great picture, too.

Jenny said...

Agreed. Megan's diggity daddy is the bomb.

J, C, and E said...

It's amazing the power these little angels have when it comes to their daddy! That is a precious picture.

Tami said...

Awwwww...that is so sweet!