Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Megan gets phone

I'm having a tough time getting videos on here, so bare with me. I'm also a bit baffled about the quality being so bad. It's an HD video, but when uploaded it looks like 1980's static. And, I can't upload them directly to Blogger's video program because the file is too big. Blah. But, cute, eh? She's pretty funny.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am prideful

I am so proud of myself.

You see, I have a pair of jeans that, this morning, had 2 nasty holes: one by a pocket and one where the beltloop ripped off.

(I know, they must have been cheap jeans. Or, maybe I just play hard. Yeah, that's it... I play hard...)

Anyway, instead of throwing them away, I sewed them up and saved us 30 bucks!

Maybe that's not a big deal for those of you who have a sewing machine & know how to use it, but for me- someone who has to do it all by hand because I've never taken the time to learn- it's a big deal.

Go me.

(And, no, next time I'm NOT bringing my pants to your house so you can sew them up for me, cuz then you'll see my pants size. I'm a lady... I don't give away that kind of information.)


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Her daddy is her favorite pal

Yes, yes, yes. I know it is totally unoriginal to have a post about daddy on Father's Day. But, I don't care that it's not original. I'm doing it anyway. Jared- you're the man I always imagined in my dreams. You're a great support, firm provider, priesthood holder, & wonderful (and amazingly adorable) father.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Jared & Megan over the past 8 months.


Daddy & daughter, freshly home from the hospital at two days old. Megan had only been in our possession for a couple hours.

Megan LOVES to be upside-down, a trait fully given to her by Jared. She loves to rough-house with her daddy, and she always laughs more when he's around. Daddy is so fun!

I love that they are looking into each other's eyes.

Love & cuddles. Could anyone ask for more?

Faces & toes... so precious.

I love this one, too.

Just by looking at these pictures, you can tell how much Jared loves his little girl. Megan is such a lucky girl to have Jared as a daddy. Going from no daddy, to super-daddy, Megan's got a lot to be grateful for (and so do we).

We love you, daddy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Criminal Mind

With Megan rounding the corner of 8 1/2 months (!!!), we have to start thinking about obtaining our next child. Unfortunately, we can't just plan 9 months ahead of when we want that new addition. Every child-obtaining scenario we can think of involves a lot of time and/or a lot of money. Well, lucky for us, we thought of a much easier way!

Yesterday we were at the Utah amusement park, Lagoon. We were wandering around the park with Little Miss Megan when we came across the "Missing Children" station. Then, the thought occured to us: why not just "find" a child among the missing? Hmmm, how hard could it be?

Walk into the room frantically and exclaim, "I'm missing my child!" They promptly ask you who your child is. You point to the youngest one in the room... (the one who can't defend himself)... and wha-la! You got yourself a new kid! Nice plan, eh?

That's just the beginning. I figure we can't go to the same park twice to pull this off correctly. We're going to have to broaden our horizons past Utah.

Take a family (meaning: "obtain more family") vacation every year. First, hit Utah's amusement park. Then, move on to Nevada, then California, fly to Ohio. You get the picture.

I haven't worked out the rest of the details yet, but I'll surely keep you up-to-date on our new adventure. And, in the mean time, if you want to "donate" one of your children to our cause, just drop them off at your local amusement park and let us know when to be there.

(For any baby-snatcher-cops out there: this post is entirely for fun. We would NEVER do this, so please don't come after us.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pants all around

If you're unfamiliar with the "Pants on the Ground" song, here are some lyrics for your pleasure:

Pants on the ground, Pants on the ground
Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground

Here's our version:

Pants on your head, Pants on your head
Lookin' like a fool with your pants on your head.

Silly Megan. Pants go on your legs.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I love me some grillin'

Yep, that's bacon on my burger.

'Nuf said.