Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Bunnies

For Easter this year my mother gave us a set of 3 bunny ears for our family to wear. You see, it was kind of a "tradition" growing up (well, at least a tradition since High School, when my mom found the bunny ears at the store... curse you, Hallmark!).

Every year my mother would make us wear the bunny ears and smile for the camera. So embarrassing. Luckily, those years were before digital cameras and hopefully none will ever make it to the public.

My daughter, on the other hand? She's already public, and she'll continue to be humiliated for as long as I'm blogging. Or Facebooking, for that matter.

Now on with the show.

Jared was able to grab a picture of Megan before church, wearing the ears in her Easter dress. She's not smiling because she had to be bribed with an m&m, and wouldn't stop sucking on it long enough to smile. In fact, I love the expression she is making in this picture.

Later in the day we got another, more obliging shot:

We kept telling Megan that she was "so pretty" with her bunny ears on. (She'll keep anything on if you tell her she's pretty.) Here's another shot with her cousin, Kienan.

As if embarrassing my daughter for years to come with these bunny ears isn't enough, I also placed some on Jared's head and forced him to smile (he is so easygoing and wonderful).

And, lastly, a random from my Uncle Al. Ha!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

two of a kind

A couple weekends ago we had some visitors. By far the cutest visitor was Megan's cousin Tommy. I had the fun opportunity of babysitting the two of them for a day, and, boy, were they adorable!

Megan gets so bored around here she is happy to have anyone else around. I can't wait until we get some other permanent-or-not-so-permanent-kids around our house so Megan can enjoy the company of others more often.

Video #1: Star & Cheese

Photo with Aunt Lacey:

Video #2: Cute little dancers. FYI- I love how Tommy copies Megan when she falls onto the floor.

That's all, folks!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a lesson learned

So. When I was a kid I thought my mother was pretty. darn. embarrassing.

But, that's what your mother is for, right? You adore her until you're old enough to see that she is old and doesn't know anything about life. Then you grow up and realize she always knew everything and you were dumb for not soaking up her wisdom.

[My mother. Amazing woman. If you know her, you'll know what I'm talking about. Most selfless woman alive. Most generous and thoughtful person you've ever met. Her organizational skills are something to be admired. But, I digress.]

Unfortunately, when I was a kid I didn't see all of my mom's wonderful-ness. I saw other stuff. Like, "oh-my-gosh-she's-so-crazy-I-can't-possibly-be-seen-with-my-mother-while-she's-doing-this" -type stuff.

In particular, I couldn't stand going shopping sometimes. She would put groceries in the cart, and then open something and feed it to the baby before she paid for it!! I thought for sure that the Store Police were going to put her in jail, or at least that the important-and-mighty cashier would scold her about buying things before she uses them. I mean... come on, mom! Were you born on a bus?

(FYI- Mom wasn't born in a bus. She was born in a hospital.)

Well, kudos to my mother. She has taught me a life lesson I never realized until recently. Lesson is this:
Sometimes you just have to open up the Goldfish. Or the raisins. Or even the M&M's. It's just as easy to pay for a half-eaten carton as it is to pay for a full one.
I totally get it now, mom. And guess what? I've seen other moms do it, too. I guess you're not so crazy after all (and neither am I). ________________________________________________