Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I just read a newspaper article about a family beating their child with a pipe for religious reasons. The thing that stood out to me is that the article pointed out that these were adoptive parents of the child. Why is it that whenever someone is adopted, their parents are adoptive parents? Why can't we just be their parents? Why the word in front of it?

Sure, I'm proud to be an adoptive parent, but, more importantly, I'm just a parent. The word "adoption" should not mean anything. In fact, by them stating that these adoptive parents beat their child, they are suggesting that it is somehow related to the fact that the child is adopted. Or, that adopted kids are not as good as biological ones. Or, that adoptive parents aren't as loving as biological parents. Or, that adoptive parents are more likely to beat their kids. Not so! Dumb media. Dumb social connotations!!!

These people in the article were weirdos and would have beat their child no matter what. Not because they adopted the child. Just peeves me.

So, if a child is abused by his biological parents, will the newspaper say biological parents? Of course not! Why the adoptive parent title, then? I'm just a parent, and that's it. I think it's all lame.

Beef: eaten and gobbled.


Pam said...

I agree!

Joanna said...

I'd never thought about it before, but you're totally right. It's sad the judgments people make and conclusions they come to without any real knowledge of the situation.

Tami said...

That bugs me too. If a news article is talking about someone from the church that did something wrong they will say the "Mormon ____” did such and such. Do they say the “Baptist ____” or the “Catholic ____” the “Buddhist ____”, etc.? No. We only find out their religion if they were “Mormon”! Bug!

Jasmin said...

Very good points. You should write a letter to the editor of the newspaper!

J, C, and E said...

AMEN sister!