Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's All About the Pictures

Every time there's a holiday, I feel a need to dress up Megan in some cute holiday-type outfit and snap a bunch of pictures. In fact, I constantly feel the urge to dress her up and go picture-happy.

This obsessive picture-taking may stem from the fact that every month we have to send Megan's birthmom a photo album. The album has 36 pictures, which averages out to more than one cute picture per day. That's a lot of pressure! Getting 36 very cute pictures is harder than it might seem. Plus, she has to be in different outfits as often as possible (I can't have her birthmother thinking Megan only has 2 onesies)! This might also be a reason that I might spend a little more money on her clothes than I should. I feel like these pictures are the only real substance her birthmother has from which to feel than Megan is well taken care-of.

The letters and pictures are part of a contract we signed with our adoption agency. We will continue to do this until Megan turns one, and then we just send pictures whenever we want (holidays, birthdays). I get excited when we have a holiday, because it's a nice excuse to dress her up and have some photo shoots. Also, I feel more comfortable putting several pictures of her in the same outfit in the album if it is for a holiday!

We dressed up Megan today and took some adorable pictures. Oh. My. Goodness. I just can't get enough of her. So, as usual, you're stuck looking a a dozen pictures of our little angel.

Here goes Easter:

When Megan woke up this morning she asked me for her Easter basket. Here she is next to it. The Easter Bunny gave her rice cereal, a sippy cup, bowl & spoon, sweet potatoes, & a bib. It actually worked out nicely for the Easter Bunny to bring her these things, because we just started Megan on solids this past Friday!

A minute later, Megan really wanted to hold the Easter Basket, so here she is:

Here she is, sifting through her Easter treasures.

After 5 tedious minutes of sitting up, she was done with this photo shoot!

Later, we dressed her up again, this time in her Easter Dress. Here she is in a basket.

I just had to get a picture of her holding an Easter Egg. I really was quite surprised that she didn't put it in her mouth!

One more. I love this girl.

This last one is for Grandma P because she loves the naked baby pictures.

Happy Easter, everyone!


Jasmin said...

Darling, darling, darling!! She is sooooo cute! I love that Easter dress and she is so stinkin' cute in that bastket! Is she starting to sit up already?

Jasmin said...

By the way, I have to say again how much I love that picture on the top of your blog. Best family picture ever!

Tami said...

Those pictures are darling!!!

mikensi said...

Oh. My. CUTE! Love her Easter dress! I never realized that taking 36 pics would result in finding a new outfit. Jae would totally be messed up, lol... he alternates between 4 pajamas and maybe 10 outfits?? Anyway, miss your face and I miss baby Megan!

J, C, and E said...

She is so beautiful in that green dress! Hope the solid food adventure is going well.

That Girl said...

Holy adorable.

Anne Geddes worthy adorable!

Meikjn said...

cute. and don't feel silly it is a first time mom thing. I did it too.l I am lazy about it now that I have 3.

Beth said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I just want to kiss those cheeks, and I don't even know her!