Monday, March 8, 2010

For all you white people

If you're like me, you never have known much about "black" hair (being, the hair that black people have). Apparently they all have the same type of hair. And, I must say, for the moment, we are definitely enjoying Megan's.

Megan's hair is just crazy, and, to be honest, I don't know what I'm going to do with it when it gets any longer. I already don't know what to do with it, and she's only 5 months old! We watched a documentary on black hair. It was quite informative, but made me scared for the future. It's quite involved and it's going to take many hours of practice for me. It's very complicated... but that's for another day.

For today, I thought I'd share some of the fun Megan's head brings to our home.

If Meg were a Pirate she'd be called "Flat-head Roberts", as evidenced by the picture below:

However, her head is not flat. It's merely the bald spot on the back of her head, combined with her stiff, crazy hair that causes the effect:

Despite her baby baldness, Megan still has adorable curls. Look at this hair! It's just insane:

And, you'd think her hair is short, but if you look in this picture, you can see her hair is actually a couple inches long already (I'm pulling it up off the middle of her head). It curls up to centimeter-sized ringlets on her head!

We couldn't resist giving Megan an afro, complete with a comb:

Lastly, this is Megan smiling. She loves her crazy head of hair.


Jasmin said...

Lovin' the 'fro! Those curls and that face are just so cute! Can't wait to see that baby doll again.

Pam said...

I am sure Sarah could relate to you. So adorable

Raven said...

Love this post! What an angel you have. I'm sure that hair will be lots of fun as she continues to grow! Just adorable!

mikensi said...

Ha ha! Love the comb style! ;) I will miss her a lot!! I don't even see her that much! :(

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Her hair is adorable, but I could see why it causes some anxiety. I have a little girl in my class with the same hair and she has it in small braids. It always looks SO stinking cute. Good luck discovering her style ;)

Tami said...

So cute! I love the one with the comb!! lol :)

J, C, and E said...

I just love all those curls! Hopefully Evie's will start to grow out and look something like that in the future.

Sarah said...

The best advice I can give you: Make friends with a black woman. Stat. Preferably one that has good hair. Not only will you have a new friend, but you can ask questions and get advice without feeling like an idiot. Even though black hair is very much the same, it is also quite varied in coarseness. Megan's looks much looser than Carly's...then again Carly's wasn't as tight until she got to be about 2 years old.
Don't be afraid to play around with it, everyone will think it's cute even when it's just puff balls. And don't wash it too much. Carly's hair doesn't get oily like mine so she only gets washed maybe two times a week, max. Buy a good moisturizer and shampoo for black hair specifically, for sure, spend a little more for good products. And when you lotion up her skin, rub some on her hair too. It smells good and will help keep her hair soft and not brittle.

Robyn said...

My friend puts baby oil in her kids hair. They all have adorable little curls that are super soft and silky- not crunchy like gelled hair.

That Girl said...

Tee hee - I love Sarah's advice!

Also, every single one of my (very white) boys had bald spots, too. Sometimes more than one. That's just from sleeping on their backs. But the didn't have that gorgeous hair to make up for it!