Saturday, May 28, 2011

Something right

It is so fun to watch Megan develop. It is intriguing to watch her play. The way she takes care of her dolls, pretend-washes her clothes, and mimicks every thing she sees us do just thrills me. It's amazing to think that a year ago she could barely scoot across the floor and now she has become a person full of likes and dislikes, a silly personality and a vocabulary to boot.

Sometimes I wonder how many things I am doing wrong. But then, there are the moments when I know we're doing something right.

These percious moments- like when Megan folds her arms and bows her head before a meal; when she sings lullabies to herself long after I have left the room; when she recognizes a church song- help me know we're on the right path. I love the moments when she stops what she's doing, says a gibberish prayer, and keeps on playing. Megan asks to read the scriptures before bed; she has now begun to repeat our family prayers as we say them.

It's little things like these that let me know she is learning the important things in life. Knowing her colors and being able to recognize letters may be helpful, but the best, most important things are the spiritual ones. I am so glad that Megan already knows when and how to say prayers and that we read scriptures every day. I'm not trying to toot my own horn; I guess I am just thankful that I was once taught these things, and that I can now teach them to my child.

And, most of all, I hope she continues to do these things long after I am gone; that she will grow up one day and notice that she has done something right, too.


mikensi said...

Megan has such good parents! No, GREAT parents!

Marcia said...

THis post got me all choked up! SUch a deep hope shared by I'm sure many parents. What kind of legacy am I leaving for my children... to get all up tight when rooms aren't cleaned and dishes aren't done? Or to make sure they know the truly important things in life. Thank you for articulating so nicely!