Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cali Trip Part 2: Disneyland

As you might remember from my last California post, Jared & I have been wanting to visit Disneyland since we got married 7 1/2 years ago.

We did get a couple days of Disneyland. The day after we ventured Sea World, we headed off to Disneyland. Jared & I, his parents, and his two youngest brothers all went for a day without the kids to ride all the big-people rides. (thanks to Aunt Jenny, Aunt Ann Marie & Uncle Jason who stayed home to watch all the kids!)

After our day-long Disneyland adventure we plopped in bed around midnight and then got up 7 hours later to take all the kiddies to Disneyland. Disneyland was so fun with Megan. I can't wait to take her back when she's older and she thinks it is magical.

Here is a picture of Megan on the carousel with Jared. She screamed her little heart out each time she got off. She sure knows how to make a scene.

Here she is on the "It's a Small World" ride. We were riding in the front of the boat and she was in awe the whole time. She doesn't look very excited in this picture, but, trust me, she loved this ride. I wish we could have gone on it a second time.

While we were in Disneyland we took a little side-trip to New Orleans. So convenient that Megan's roots were within walking distance!

And, here we are in front of the Disneyland castle. This picture is extremely unflattering but we have to have one in front of the castle, right? So, it will do.

After a long day of riding kiddie rides & walking around the park, we got back to my brother-in-law's house (where we were staying) and I laid Megan down on our bed. Before I could even get out a diaper to change her, she was out like a light. I think her body position here is hilarious. And, no, I didn't stage it at all. She's just funny like that.

And, that was Disneyland in a nutshell.

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