Friday, May 6, 2011

a hoe is a great thing

In my first year of gardening I learned how to build a retaining wall.

In my second year of gardening I learned that a blend of turkey poo does wonders for my veggies.

In this, my third year of gardening, I learned how to use this:

I used to pull out every weed in the garden by hand before planting my veggies. Tonight Jared borrowed a hoe from the neighbors and I was astonished at the easiness of the job. You'd think I would have used one before but I guess I just forgot about it.

Now I look back at all that time I wasted pulling weeds and I think that time could have been much better wasted by blogging.



mikensi said...

lol... maybe he will buy you a hoe for mother's day. better than you buying him a hoe for father's day. dah dah tch!

Lisa K said...

Where do you get your turkey poo?

Amy said...

I weeded today too! Wasn't it beautiful out?