Thursday, March 3, 2011

She's a Zoo

Megan has been into animal sounds. Whenever she's upset we can just ask her to make an animal sound, and she usually is happy again. This video was taken well over a month ago, and it showcases her animal-sound-skills. We have a truly talented daughter. If there were a sound-imitating competition for 17-month-olds, she'd win hands down.

And, for the record, I just have to state that this is only the surface of her sounds. She does a lot more, but this was all I could think of to ask her at the time, and she was distracted by the doggies she was hearing in the distance.

This girl is so so so so so so so so so cute. She still has the smushiest, most kissable cheeks ever. We're sure happy she's ours.


1 comment:

Jenny said...

I just want to squeeze her and kiss those cheeks! The kids and I loved watching this together. Such a cutie!