Saturday, March 5, 2011

If I Had a Billion Dollars

If I had a billion dollars I would do a few things:

1). Tell my husband that I have a billion dollars. I think he might want to know.

2). Pay off all debt.

3). Buy a big house. Lots of bedrooms.

4). Adopt children. Start with one from every continent. And I'm talking the ones who live in orphanages, or who aren't even lucky enough to live in an orphanage. Then, adopt more.

5). Use the rest of the money to take care of said children.

6). Oh, and I'd have an massage every week, too.

Yep, that's what I'd do... I'd be rich.


J and M said...

i think i'd be lost at what to do with a million dollars. hard to even imagine what to do with a thousand. ha ha!

J, C, and E said...

I definitely like the weekly massage idea.