Saturday, March 19, 2011

Down on the farm

Our little town does not have a zoo. However, there is a little "farm" just a few minutes away. I don't know the people who own these animals, but I sure am glad that they don't seem to mind the whole city coming by to look at them. Megan knows several animal sounds and repeats them often, but this was the first time she actually saw these animals up close & personal. She was very intrigued and adorable to watch.

Megan & daddy with the Emus.

This is Megan looking at ducks.

The kangaroo was scratching himself almost the entire time. It was actually quite comical.
Megan was most scared of the llamas. There's also a goat in this picture. The animals were all very friendly; I think they must often get fed by visitors.
Mr. Donkey was trying to sniff off Megan's hand.
I wish there were more fun family outings we could take with an 18-month-old in tow. It sure was fun to be out together and enjoy some family time.


heidizinha said...

Harmony, this is mae's preschool! They are awesome and if you stick around in springville, I recommend it for Megan. She does a playgroup on Friday the year before as well, but it's really tough to get into.

i hope she gets more pigs on the farm soon, they're awesome!

Jenny said...

It wouldn't be Utah without a church and mountains in the background ;-)
P.S. love Megan's stylin' shades. She's too darn cute!

mikensi said...

You love Utah, Jenny! ;) Cute that Megan keeps the sunglasses on! I don't think Jae would.. but I've never tried.