Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was watching the 9:00 news tonight and apparently there was a 4.9-magnitude earthquake in northern (waaaaaaaay northern) Utah. On the news they were saying that people from Springville (where I live) claim to have felt it. Where was I? I suppose I was too busy making dinner to notice.

Either way, this has given me an idea of what to write about. I've had several friends do posts with random things about themselves. So, here I go: random things about Yours Truly, with earthquakes at the top of the list.

1.) I've always been afraid of 2 things since I was a kid: earthquakes & fires. My reasoning? You can't really run away from either one.

2.) My nails (finger & toe) are really strong.

3.) Though I teach piano lessons, I'm not as great at playing as you might think. I still have to practice a lot on hard songs. And, I have a hard time concentrating for more than 20 minutes at a time. I do, however, excel in music theory and I know a handful of ways to teach music to a child. I think that's something that makes me a good teacher.

4.) I like to relax by watching TV. But, I probably shouldn't have admitted that.

5.) I love Papa John's Pizza. I get it every year on my birthday.

6.) I looooooooooooove to sing. I sing all day long, with my best voice. Megan loves it. Or, at least, she pretends to love it.

7.) I always have to blow my nose before I go to bed. If I have even the tiniest booger in my nostril, I can't fall asleep.

8.) I often have dreams that I'm in a play and forget my lines. It's always a High School play.

9.) I hate bugs with a passion. If our house had a bug problem, I would convince my husband we need to sell the house.

10.) I look into people's houses as I drive by, to see if I can tell what their floorplan is. I'm a total floorplan junkie. I wanted to be an architect until I realized how many math classes I would need to take.

11.) Funny enough, if I went back to school for a graduate degree, I'd probably do it in Math. Then, I'd teach middle school or high school math. Being a music teacher is too much work for the money.

12.) In High School, I had the top of my right ear pierced. Man, I was such a rebel.

13.) Jared was the 2nd boy I ever kissed. And, he'll be the last.

14.) If I don't write something down, I almost always forget to do it (or buy it, or clean it, etc.).

15.) I do a killer Witch voice.

16.) I really, really hate cleaning the bathrooms. I should do it more often. Waaay more often, actually.

17.) I am good at word games (like Scattergories, Boggle, & Balderdash). I also love playing strategy games.

18.) I really miss sleeping in on the weekends.

19.) I wish someone from one of those house shows on TV would come decorate my house for me. I watch the shows to get ideas, but it gets me nowhere.

20.) My favorite number is 18,522. When I was younger I wanted to be different, and I decided that having a strange "favorite number" might do the trick. I'm not kidding, though. If you at any time ask me for my favorite number, I will say 18,522.
Oh, and 21.) I enjoy taking unflattering pictures of myself and sharing them with the public.


Raven said...

Loved this post! A great reminder that our blogs should have some stuff about ourselves along with all the millions of pics of our kids :)

Amy said...

Oh Harmony! This post totally reminded me of High School in so many ways. I remember the piercing (mine still is there in the form of a scar), the witch voice, the nose blowing at sleepovers, the first kiss (not that I was there, but he was my second boyfriend ;)...

I miss you! We should hang out again some time

Pam said...

I use to like cleaning bathrooms until I got married. Now Jared cleans them. I feel like a queen!

Tami said...
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Tami said...

What a fun post! I think you are great!

J, C, and E said...
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mikensi said...

I wanted to comment on all of your facts. Lucky for you I am out of time on the computer tonight. I love you and glad you are in the fam! BTW, #12 made me laugh out loud! "Man,I was such a rebel." LOL!

J, C, and E said...

Amen to number 18! You have an amazing voice, have you ever thought about trying out for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

That Girl said...

I so, so miss you.

Like - SO.