Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goober Sleepy Time

Lately I have been calling Megan "Goober." I'm fairly sure that "goober" means nut or peanut, or something of that sort. I really don't care. I'll call her whatever I want to; I'm the mommy.

Anyway, you might remember that earlier this month I sent out a plea for help pertaining to Megan's sleeping habits. I was concerned about her swaddling, sleeping in her car seat, etc. Well, only two weeks later Megan has set a milestone for herself. She now falls asleep at night, swaddled up all nice & tight. She then somehow maneuvers her arms out (we figure she must work at it for quite some time), and proceeds to turn around in her bed.

Pictures, of course, for your viewing pleasure.
She starts off like this:

And, she wakes up like this!

What a goober! I'm sure all babies do similar things, and I'm not the only mommy that finds it really funny, but I just want to remember it. Hence, this Blog Post.


Jenny said...

Love the cute pictures!! Is she 'wearing' a miracle blanket? We used those with Gabe and L.O.V.E.D them!

J, C, and E said...

Sounds just live Evie. She spins, moves, rolls, and just about every other movement in her sleep.

mikensi said...

so much fun seeing them in a different spot when you go to check on them. makes me chortle. i miss you..

Jasmin said...

What a cutie-pie!! When are you going to be in MI this summer?? I'm starting to make my plans and want to make sure to see you AMAP (as much as possible!) :)

Kelly said...

I think goober is an apt name for Megan -- she looks a little like a peanut all swaddled up! Darling Megan!