Friday, April 23, 2010

Card Club

I am in a Card Club. Basically, we pick a theme each month, we all make 12 cards of that theme, and then we get together and switch the cards. It's great, because you end up with tons of adorable, homemade cards! We've had topics such as Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Get Well Soon, Valentines, and Blank.

I do not consider myself a very crafty person. I'm not one of those Mormon Mommies who spends all her free time scrapbooking and sewing blankets. When I am going to get crafty, I have to prepare myself for it. I can't just break out my craftiness at a moment's notice. Luckily, Card Club gives me a whole month at a time to gear up and get ready for 2 days of card-making.

However, when I do become crafty, I feel I can do a fairly decent job. I've always liked crafts, and I enjoy the finished product. I guess it's just that I can't bring myself to spend endless hours on something unless I have a really good reason for doing it. Card Club is a good reason. For me, it's more of a social thing; I need girl time. The cards are just a excuse to get together.

Here are some of the cards I've made recently (most of them I made this month, actually). I take pictures of my cards, and the other cards I get, so that I have more ideas for cards. (I know, it's nerdy. But, I'm desperate for ideas). Usually I just make something up, and it turns out okay.

Sorry, some of the pictures are blurry. But, you get the idea.

Now I just need to remember to send them out to ya'll!


Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Those are really cute! Well done ;) I am SO not crafty, so I envy you

Jasmin said...

I made some cards once and they were not even close to as cute as yours. Nice job!!

That Girl said...

One word -


I bet all the ladies want YOUR cards!