Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Holidays to Me(gan)

Hi everyone, Megan here. Mom thinks she's all blog-savvy, but I was born knowing how to rock the computer world. It's a known fact that all babies born in 2009 came with knowledge of how to play computer games and use the Wii.

My mommy thinks I'm too tiny to do anything. Just because she feeds me and changes my diaper and moves me around the house all day, she thinks I'm pretty helpless. Little does she know, I tiptoed down to the computer tonight while she was sleeping. I disabled her password and created a new one- for me. I'm a Born Blogger.

This blog post is really just payback for all the ridiculous things my parents did to me over the Holidays. I'm gonna tell you everything they did to me, and then you're not gonna want to be their friends any more.

So, mom put this big red thing on my head that kept falling down over my eyes. I don't know why I let her do it. I think I was too busy filling my diaper at the time.
Then, later that day, mom undresses me and puts on these horribly uncomfotable things she calls "tights" and this itchy red dress. She puts me in a box under the Christmas Tree and expects me to SMILE. I don't think so. But, I am stinkin' adorable.

As if that weren't enough, dad actually put me under the tree without a box. He "hid" me there when mommy came downstairs, and mommy just started laughing like crazy. What's up with my parents anyway?
Next, on Christmas morning (at 6-freaking-30), everyone else is opening presents, except for me. Mom & dad claim Santa brought me some thing called a Jumperoo, but they claim "Santa got lost" and that's why it's not here yet. Lame, mom & dad. Lame. What do you think I am? A baby? You think I don't get your tricks? So, anyway, instead of getting me presents, they just stuck me on top of all the trash. What the heck! I'm not trash!

Oh, and then, for Christmas, my cousins got these long things that you stretch to make a loud noise. But, my dad apparently thought they were pieces of clothing for me. He made me a "necklace" and a "belt." I thought the pictures were done, but then he decided I needed a "halo", too. Dad, I need some dignity here!

I was sure all the ridiculous pictures were overwith-- until New Year's Eve came along. Apparently it's some weird tradition to stay up late and then kiss people. Gross! Mommy & daddy kept me up all... night.... long.... and I was really tired. When I was at the peak of my tiredness, they stuck this weird crown thing on my head and snapped a picture. Ugh.

I did, however, think of something to get them back with. I found a marker and I wrote all over my face. "That'll get 'em," I thought. "They'll be so mad at me, they'll never take pictures of me again!" But I was wrong. They took a picture of my marked-up face and laughed the entire time.

And you're not going to believe what else they did.... Oh, shoot, mommy's coming down the stairs and she sounds angry, uh-oh, I'm in troub---


mikensi said...

ha ha, that is TOO cute! i LOVE that you got a pic of her yawning w/ her new year's hat on! ^.^

Sarah said...

hehe You are SO CUTE Megan! But you knew that, I'm sure! Love it!

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

DANG cute! I loved ALL the pics! I can't believe how fast she is growing..... it is amazing!

Tami said...

Those pictures are so cute! My favorite one is where she...I mean you are in the Christmas box!!

kwh said...

Harmony- I just discovered your blog this morning! I had no idea that you had adopted such a beautiful little girl. I am so happy for you and Jared! It looks like are babies aren't too far apart in age! How fun.

Kelly said...

Megan, you are the cutest thing! Don't let your parents push you around. . .

Burgers Accessories said...

Great readd thank you