Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Roberts clan

Over the Christmas holiday all of Jared's family came to Orem. We only get to do this every 2 years, so it was definitely a party! When I first joined the family 6 years ago, there were 12 people (including myself). As I reviewed the family pictures this season, I noticed that numbers have doubled to 24 this year!

My sis-in-law Andrea looked around for days to find someone to take family pictures for us. Anyone who said they'd do it wanted to charge us a House Payment to take the pictures. Instead, we ended up using my sis-in-law Ann Marie (it's a hobby of hers), and she did a fabulous job!! And she only charged us $1.

Here are the 24 of us:
Here we are again:
All the Roberts cousins (notice that NONE of them are looking at the camera): Megan by herself (she looked so cute when we sat her on the couch, she got her own photo shoot!):
And, a few pictures of the 3 of us:

Thanks for the pictures, Ann Marie!


Ricky and Jess said...

Harmony, these pictures are so cute! Megan is just a doll.

Adam and Shari Crawford said...

Cute pics! You guys look great!

mikensi said...

how fun! who would have thought that ann marie could do it, ha ha! love 'em, these photos look great! love the one of megan w/ her hands scrunched up!

Kelly said...

These are awesome pictures, Harmony! You only paid her a dollar? That won't even cover the cost of batteries for her camera! ;)

heidizinha said...

Sexy sweater HP!

The Pocket Inn said...

Harmony! These are the cutest family pictures! Your daughter is beautiful! :)