Friday, January 14, 2011

New 'Do

Today while I was doing Megan's hair for the coming week, I decided to get a bit brave. I've done little puffs in every way I can think of, and I'm getting kind of bored with it.

I got Megan's new 'do from something I saw on another baby's head. The mom kinda told me how to do it, but Megan's didn't turn out as well. But, that's okay. I'm just learning, and Megan doesn't know if her hair looks great or looks horrible.

So, this 'do is growing on me, but I still look at it and think it's kinda weird. It took me more than twice as long as usual, and I'm curious to see if Megan pulls it out before the week's through.

Here are a few pictures:

What do you think?



Unknown said...

I think it's cute! Of course, you'd be hard pressed to do anything that wouldn't look cute on that girl.
I did something like this to my girls once overnight to make curls the next day. Kate's turned otu really nice. Lizzie's was pretty cute too. Sabrina... well, she looked like she'd stuck a fork in an outlet! It was HIlarious!!!

Julie said...

So cute. How could it be anything but cute?

Tami said...

I think it is darling! How do you get her to sit and let you do that? Good thing I don't have to do Spencer's hair...he would have none of that!

J, C, and E said...

Very nice! I really love that Megan's hair is so much longer than Evie's, by the time Evie's is that long, you'll have all the really cute styles down and can help me. Hehehe! Really, I do love it!

Raven said...

For what it's worth, I think it's totally cute. What a doll you have there, Harmony! And I want to see her (and you!)! Let's figure out a time to meet up.

mikensi said...

super cute! of course!!

Christine said...

I think it's really cute. Great job, as always. That girlie always looks adorable in her pics!