Monday, January 17, 2011

Bucky & Sienna

In 1993 a beautiful baby was made. This beautiful baby had a name and it was Buick Park Avenue Ultra... "Bucky" for short. ( I just came up with that name, bytheway. We have never named our cars.)

Okay. So, "Bucky" had a few different parents before he came to us. We were told that his parents took good care of him- changed his oil, bought him new tires, and maintained his innocence as much as possible. Here's Bucky:

Bucky came to our family in 2003. We treated him well, even when he started to show signs of old age. We gave him baths and tended his every wound. Though his body started to fall apart, we still gave him all the love and care we could. He had given us many memories, and for that we were grateful. We were so good to Bucky.

Until we sold him. You see, we're not as nice as the story sounds.

We needed a bigger, more reliable vechicle. So, we went shopping for a new Bucky to grow old with. We narrowed down our search to a few makes & models, and I searched websites that sell used cars. I called at least 50 different dealerships to get details. We looked at and test-drove several vans until we settled on this gorgeous beauty right here:

This baby's name? Toyota Sienna. This one's a girl. We'll just call her Sienna.

Sienna is nothing fancy; she's just perfect for our family. There are seriously so many things we love about her. But most importantly? Megan loves her. Plus, Sienna will be able to carry all those Foster Kids we hope to have in the near future. I'm pretty much in love with this van... I mean, Sienna. She's just full of tricks everywhere and fits us like a charm. Plus, I'm totally convinced that we got her for a steal of a deal. I'm one happy momma.

Oh, and now we're apparently cool, too. Have you seen these videos? People with Siennas pretty much rock. And now we've got our own Swagger Wagon. Go us.

Ride on, Sienna. Ride on.


J, C, and E said...

Very nice! You are now an official Mormon Mommy.

J and M said...

sweet ride, homey!

Kelly said...

That's awesome. I'm just a wee bit jealous. . . :)

That Girl said...

I totally love that video - I've seen it before, but I don't know if I'll ever really get tired of it.

I can't wait to meet her!