Monday, January 24, 2011

Little Lady Lickit Licks Again

People far and wide have been asking about Little Lady Lickit. Does she retain the truth of her title? Has she proven herself worthy of her royalty?

Upon investigation, it has been certified that Little Lady Lickit has lived up to her name. Furthermore, once crowned Queen Lickit (at least seventeen years hence), she will demand a new title. She requests her subjects not refer to her as "Your Highness", but, instead, "Your Lickness." Please take note of this future change.

Little Lady Lickit licks again in all her licking glory, as proven below:



J and M said...

Loooove it!! I think I want to make her a shirt that says, "Lick it. Lick it good." (Probably get sued for copyright issues, but whatevs)!

Unknown said...

The grossest to me is when I've caught my girls licking the grocery cart or even that black belt you put groceries on before they get beeped. SICK!!! At least that's all home-grown lickies :P

Tami said...

lol! Very cute and very funny! Oh and I love your new car!

Lisa K said...

Colton was like that at her age and STILL is like that today! I probably say at least 100 times a day "don't put that in your mouth, it's not food!"

Kelly said...

I especially love the yummy sounds she makes in between licks. She's a darling!