Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, I was complaining to my awesome sis-in-law, Jenny, about how Megan never smiles for the camera. Jenny told me that when she had that problem, she just said "HAPPY!!" as enthusiastically as she could, and then the smiles would come a-flowing.

Well, I put it to the test. And thanks to genius Jenny, Here is Megan HAPPY! (and so silly, too)
It's easy to catch her happy while she's eating. Duh... who's not happy while they're eating?
This one really cracks me up because she looks like a little alien (she pulled out her little hair do thingies) and she doesn't actually look happy, but she's laughing like crazy.

We love our silly, happy baby. Love her so much.



Amy said...

Oh my goodness, she's getting so big! So adorable.

J and M said...

Ha ha, too cute! We need to get together again, it's been a month!!

Christine said...

She is SO cute! I love her happy faces!