Friday, September 24, 2010

Videos Galore

Hey Grandparents (especially those in MICHIGAN who never get to see their favorite granddaughter), this is for you.

Seriously, I posted these just for you. So, you had better watch every one at least 4 times or I'm telling on you.

Here is Megan in her her ballerina pj's. Apparently, turning around in circles is something ballerinas do. (9/14/10)

This is the Megster getting creative with a chair. (9/16/10)

Jared taught Megan how to do "patty cake." We love how she anticipates every move. (9/21/10)

Lastly, this is Megan blowing kisses. I know you'll smile when you see this one! (9/24/10)

We love you!! (and that's for all grandparents, near and far!)

1 comment:

Raven said...

Hey, I'm not a grandparent and I adore these. That blowing kisses one--what a heart melter! And I also love how high Jared's voice gets when he does Patty Cake ;) That's just what happens when little ones become a part of your life!