Friday, September 10, 2010

Our little BFFs

This post is dedicated to the wonderful Denise, Jane & Morgan...

Our little girls don't know it yet, but they're best friends. At first, they stared at each other, as best friends do. Then, they graduated to poking each other, as best friends do. From there, they moved on to grabbing clothes, hitting, screaming, crying, and pulling hair. If that's not enough to convince you they're best friends, they even crawl together, as seen in the footage below:

Was that cute or WHAT???

Here are some pictures to show you the elaborate and sophisticated way in which these two girls share their best-friend-ship status.

Here they are on a playdate, playing side by side:

They read books together (you can't see the book, but I promise it's there!):

They play together on monster bouncers at the park:

And, they ask us to take cute pictures of them with their daddies!

Way to go, girls! Your friendship is blooming. Now all we have to do is keep telling each of you that you're the other's best friend, and it will honestly happen. Right?


mikensi said...

It's happened before to other's, why not these two amazing girls? Yay for Megan crawling, btw!

J, C, and E said...

Thanks for making me cry! I just love these girls!

mary roberts said...

They look soooo cute together.