Sunday, January 29, 2012

Since November

I took a bird's-eye view of my blog the other day. I realized it was just... a LOT of words. I haven't even posted a picture of Megan since November. November! I'm sorry, folks. Here I am yappity-yappin' my big-mouthed words, and I'm not even giving you what you want.

(because I know that what you want is pictures of Megan...)

So here are a bunch of cute pictures from the last couple months for those of you who want them:

This is Megan with my mom, "Grandma", who taught Megan how to say "yyyyyyyyeeeeeesssssssss!"

Megan likes to pretend she is putting on mascara (I wonder where she got that from?)

I love this picture: Megan in my shoes, a purse, and a camera. Just like mommy.
(Oh, and T's arm. He wanted the camera...)

Megan loved this snowman from Grandma. We had to sing Frosty the Snowman to her at bed time for several weeks.

Megan got to be an angel on Christmas Eve for the family Nativity. She was obviously thrilled, as evidenced in the picture...

I absolutely love the following picture of Megan and her cousin on Christmas Day:

One of Megan's favorite Christmas gifts was a cleaning set.
Why not teach her while she's young?

I always forget to take pictures of Evie and Megan. This time I remembered.
(note to Evie's mom: feel free to steal this pic off my blog)

That's it, folks! I hope to upload a couple of videos of Megan soon.

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