Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm probably jealous of you

If you are currently growing a garden, I'm probaby jealous of you.

My garden has always been special to me. I suppose it is because I used it for therapy and treated it as my baby until we were able to be parents. My garden always made me happy because I would take good care of it and it would grow like crazy. Not to mention, I love all the fresh veggies!

This year, I apparently have no garden-parenting skills. I haven't been neglectful, but I certainly haven't carressed it. By this time of year my garden is usually huge, as evidenced by the picture below from last year at this time:

But, instead, I have this:

Maybe it doesn't look too bad, but compared to my typically thriving garden, this year has been a complete failure. I haven't yet been able to harvest anything. I have a few small, green tomatoes growing but that is all.

I had big plans for my garden this year. I was going to learn how to can salsa and I even was going to grow the onions and the peppers myself. Now I suppose I will probably be buying my salsa for the next year instead.

I am so sad.

I am blaming this failure on the insanely cold weather and all the rain we had after I planted. But, I can't help feeling bummed about it.

On the bright side, if this is all I'm bummed about then I've got it pretty good!

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Amy said...

Our garden looks a lot more like yours from this year, but I'm still pretty proud! I usually kill plants. Well, except the raspberry patch. One thing my dad taught me was how to grow berries!

So those are thriving and producing even though our peppers and tomatoes are still green. We're hoping to get enough tomatoes to do our own salsa this year too!