Saturday, April 9, 2011

two of a kind

A couple weekends ago we had some visitors. By far the cutest visitor was Megan's cousin Tommy. I had the fun opportunity of babysitting the two of them for a day, and, boy, were they adorable!

Megan gets so bored around here she is happy to have anyone else around. I can't wait until we get some other permanent-or-not-so-permanent-kids around our house so Megan can enjoy the company of others more often.

Video #1: Star & Cheese

Photo with Aunt Lacey:

Video #2: Cute little dancers. FYI- I love how Tommy copies Megan when she falls onto the floor.

That's all, folks!


Tami said...

Those videos are very cute. And just so you know, Spencer would LOVE to enjoy Megan's company any ol' time :) So would I.

mikensi said...

lol ... megan's like: what you doin' on da floor, foo!? Ha hah.. cute vids!