Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a lesson learned

So. When I was a kid I thought my mother was pretty. darn. embarrassing.

But, that's what your mother is for, right? You adore her until you're old enough to see that she is old and doesn't know anything about life. Then you grow up and realize she always knew everything and you were dumb for not soaking up her wisdom.

[My mother. Amazing woman. If you know her, you'll know what I'm talking about. Most selfless woman alive. Most generous and thoughtful person you've ever met. Her organizational skills are something to be admired. But, I digress.]

Unfortunately, when I was a kid I didn't see all of my mom's wonderful-ness. I saw other stuff. Like, "oh-my-gosh-she's-so-crazy-I-can't-possibly-be-seen-with-my-mother-while-she's-doing-this" -type stuff.

In particular, I couldn't stand going shopping sometimes. She would put groceries in the cart, and then open something and feed it to the baby before she paid for it!! I thought for sure that the Store Police were going to put her in jail, or at least that the important-and-mighty cashier would scold her about buying things before she uses them. I mean... come on, mom! Were you born on a bus?

(FYI- Mom wasn't born in a bus. She was born in a hospital.)

Well, kudos to my mother. She has taught me a life lesson I never realized until recently. Lesson is this:
Sometimes you just have to open up the Goldfish. Or the raisins. Or even the M&M's. It's just as easy to pay for a half-eaten carton as it is to pay for a full one.
I totally get it now, mom. And guess what? I've seen other moms do it, too. I guess you're not so crazy after all (and neither am I). ________________________________________________


holley family said...

I TOTALLY do this! ha!

Amy said...

I must admit I was mortified in High School when your mom tried to give me and Chard the sex talk!!! Do you remember that? As she starts up I'm thinking "I haven't even held this guys hand and she thinks we need to hear this?!? Looking back I can't help but laugh, but then it was too mortifying.

My Dad was the embarrassing one in High School though. I never wanted to bring guys to my house for fear he would threaten to arm wrestle them. And it took a lot to embarrass me back then

That Girl said...

Your mom is the best. But so are you!

Emily said...

I do this like every time. And come to think of it... we were pretty embarassing to ourselves in stores- looking for expired lunchables that we could have for free comes to mind.