Monday, November 16, 2009


I've never been to London. I've never been to France. I've never seen your underpants (thankfully). Here are some non-exotic places I have been: Wal-mart, Kinko's, and the Post Office.

Before today, all of my attempts to go to the Post Office have been rather uneventful. In fact, I am quite fond of the Springville Post Office. They 've got an itsy-bitsy spot in my heart. Today's visit was quite eventful, but not because of the Post Office.

You see, I had to send packages out to 3 of my sisters, and I didn't have any good boxes to wrap up the merchandise in. So, as I've done before, I planned on bringing the stuff and packaging it up at the Post Office. Normally this would not have been a problem. Now bring in Baby Megan. And flustered Mommy. That's the formula for disaster. Sigh.

I had 3 big plastic bags full of stuff I was sending to my sisters, and there was no way I could carry all of those plus Megan in her carseat into the Post Office. Wasn't gonna happen. But, I'm a smart cookie and planned ahead to bring my stroller so I could put the carseat into the stroller and free my hands. Fast-forward to today's incident.

Imagine me driving up to the Post Office (vrooom, vroom), lugging out the stroller from the trunk (ugh, ugh), setting it up (whoooup), getting Megan's carseat out of the car (whee, whee),putting the carseat into the stroller (click snap), holding all these plastic sacs and the diaper bag and strolling into the Post Office (huff huff, puff puff).
I felt kind of dumb, because, who brings a stoller into the Post Office? Well, I figured maybe people would assume I took a walk to get there. (Not that I really care what people think.) Then I proceeded to package up all the stuff, which probably took me 20 minutes because I couldn't find the right sizes and didn't know what would be cheapest. Finally, I get up to the counter, the lady tells me how much it's going to cost and I reach into my diaper bag.... NO WALLET! I just about died. After all that work to plan ahead, and I didn't even have my wallet!

I had to bring the lady back exact change, so I went back out to the car (huff huff, puff puff), put away the stroller (ugh ugh), put away the baby (whee whee), and drove home (vroom vroom) to get my wallet. Then, I had to drive to the Bank. I had to get Megan out of the car to make a withdrawl inside, then get her back in the car. Then I drove back to the Post Office, got Megan out, waddled inside, and handed the lady an envelope with $38.92 cash.

And, I still had to go to Wal-mart before Megan would wake up. (side note: while at Wal-mart, I left my wallet at the check-out line. Luckily some nice girl ran it out to me. Sheesh!)
What did I learn from all this?

1) it takes 600 times longer to do anything when you're carting around a baby

2) go to the Post Office when dad can watch the baby- just like he suggested.


heidizinha said...

ummmm, i know someone who lives really close to the post office. you can always drop her off there. or if you don't have the money, she probably could have let you borrow some.

or maybe you did, and i wasn't home.


mikensi said...

dang, girl! i hate going to the post office. i make jimmy drive me there and then he sits in the car with jae. there's no way i would battle that myself. what a champ you are!

Michelle said...

I have totally been there, wondering how on earth baby and toddler and packages would all make it into the post office in one trip. And no, you are not the only one who brings the stroller into the post office. I remember once when I had just Nathan he didn't want to get in the stroller but I couldn't hold his hand and my package so I used the stroller for my package and Nathan walked. Then there was the time I was childless and had too many packages to send so I again used the stroller which luckily was in the car to wheel in my packages, no baby in sight.

Dusty and Amy said...

I am just waiting to post my little adventure / fiasco story like that too!

holley family said...

harms! love the sound effects! and i'm so glad that you're having this er, enlightening adventure!!! my suggestion: start keeping a book of these frustrating days that turn into the best, funniest memories a few years later! kisses to megan!

Tami said...

Your post made me laugh out loud...thanks! I can totally relate! Isn't it amazing how someone so small can change things so much!

Christine said...

I can SO relate, especially those great sound effects. Thanks for the laugh (I laughed til tears rolled down). You're the best!