Saturday, November 14, 2009

Her sense of humor

Megan thinks she's SOOO funny. Obviously, she has demised a crazy plan in that little head to keep us on our toes. While she's sleeping, she plans things she's going to do to entertain herself when she's awake (which, besides the dirty-diaper-making, includes making her parents do whatever she wants them to do). Then, once she falls back asleep, she smirks, remembering how she's got her parents wrapped around her finger.

She thinks it's really hilarious to keep me at the changing table for 15 minutes, pooping through each new diaper I've put on her. I keep asking her, "are you done?" and I wait 5 more minutes. Then, as soon as I change the diaper, she poops and smiles some more.

Megan thinks it's funny to not let me get anything done. It's not that she's cranky or demands my attention; it's just that she has such cute facial expressions and is so darn adorable, that I have to play with her all day. She obviosly plans that one in her sleep, too.

Lastly, she thinks it's comical to play mind games with her momma. You see, when dad comes home every day, Megan is wide-awake for him. Time to play! But, the moment she's passed back to mom, she thinks she's hungry and needs to go to sleep. Apparently she wants me to think dad's the fun one. (well, actually, he is. That's what dads are for!)

But, the joke is on Megan! Ha! She has no idea how many hundreds of embarrasing pictures we have taken of her.

Two can play at this game, baby!

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