Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Does he know?

I keep looking in his basinette, and in his crib, and at his little clothes, and I try to picture what he is going to look like, and how tiny he will be. I think of singing him lullabies, rocking him to sleep, and cuddling his sweet body. And I keep thinking, does he know how long we have waited for him? Does he know how precious he is to us? Does he know he is the answer to thousands of prayers? Does he know how much we love him, even though we've never met him?

Does he know? If he doesn't, he will, because we will tell him every day.


mikensi said...

your posts are sooo freakin' heartbreaking! is that the right word? hehe. i looove your posts! and i am sooo excited for you! i did see the bassinet in your room when i was feeding jae.. soooo exciting! he will love being in there and close to his mum & dad!

Jasmin said...

So sweet...... I'm sure he does already know, too! And he will feel it every moment of his life :)