Monday, August 31, 2009

Three cheers...

If I wanted my team to win at a football game, I would cheer for them. If I wanted a rock band to perform an encore, I'd cheer my heart out. If I wanted my laundry done, I might use some Cheer brand laundry soap.

Seems to me, if I want something, all I have to do is cheer for it.

Please join me in giving three cheers to our son, to encourage him to make his prescence in the world. So put on your short-shorts, dig out your pom-poms, put your hair in a pony and repeat with me:
Hip, hip hoo-ray! {clap} Come out to-day! {clap}
Hip, hip hoo-ray! {clap} Come out to-day! {clap}
Hip, hip hoo-ray! {clap} Come out to-day! {clap}

Please stay tuned. I'll let you know if it worked.


Tami said...

So I feel really smart that I just figured out that you not only leave comments on my blog but you have a blog too!! Why did it take me months to figure that out?!!! Can I blam it on the fact that I am pregnant? I sure enjoyed reading all your past posts and I will try and check it often now.
S-M-R-T that is me!
Anyhow, I saw you on Suday and had the same thought that you did about us :) I will try that cheer for your baby and mine! We are so excited for you guys!!
Good luck!!

That Girl said...

I'll get right on it! (but no short-shorts ....)

heidizinha said...

If I cheer for you, will you cheer for me?

mikensi said...

cheer! i thought they were pom poms. ;) la la la pa pa pa. lol! oh, har-mony, i just love you! i hope baby roberts makes it here SOON! we're rooting him on!

Harmony said...

Mikensi- you're right! I changed it to pom-poms :)

Dusty and Amy said...

hahahahaha so cute! Done!