Tuesday, February 28, 2012

random February pictures

I obviously have not been as faithful at blog posting as I have been in the past. I think this is due in part to the fact that I don't take as many pictures any more. Also, I've been working on painting my doll house in the evenings instead of blogging. (No, I'm not ready to show any new pics of the doll house...)

Here are a few pictures I did manage to take this month.

This is Megan with one of her favorite toys: play-dough. I really hate the mess it makes, so at first, I was trying to make her keep it all on a plate, as seen in the following picture. I have since decided that keeping all your play-dough on a plate is completely lame and un-kid-like. Now I let her use the table. In the picture below, Megan is showing off her prized play-dough items of the day: a banana, cereal, & pizza. Notice her cheesy smile? That's the only smile we are getting nowadays.

In this next photo you might think Megan looks like a mermaid. No, she didn't grow a fin; she just has a dress on. Let me explain: Megan adores dresses. She would wear them every day if I would let her. Well, Megan's Nana gave her this little ballerina dress and she wore it all day at Nana's house. When we came home the dress was dirty, so I threw it in the laundry basket. I made sure Megan was not looking when I did this, because I knew she would be upset. I also completely covered it up with other clothing, so that, in the off-chance she looked in the basket, she would not see the dress. Well, the next morning I was in the basement exercizing. I came back upstairs and she had that little dress wedged up her body just as you see below. It was so funny to me. I still have no idea how she thought to go up to the laundry room and dig through the laundry basket to find her dress, but I suppose that love finds a way! And, dresses are definitely one of her loves. What a silly goose.

Utah has such strange winters lately. This year we haven't had much snow at all. I think we've only had two snowstorms (maybe 3) with a few inches each. I have tried to give Megan the opportunity to go play in the snow whenever possible. It's silly, though. She doesn't usually get down and play too much because she'd rather have her hands in her pockets than anywhere else... but that's beside the point. I went outside with Megan one day and we made her first snow man! She was obsessed with Frosty the Snowman all throught the Holidays, but didn't seem as excited about actually making one. I think next time we will make a smaller one- one that is more her size. Nevertheless, here she is with the snowman. I think it's funny to look at the snowman's face... it looks very worried.

This last picture is of Megan with one of her favorite friends: her cousin Kienan. We get them together at least every week for a playdate and they have become quite good friends.  It is so adorable to watch them play together and laugh and actually get along! The other day, at their playdate, they both were given a snack. Without a word, they were up on the couch, sitting close together, eating their snacks. So cute!

And that's it! This is the 4 different times I took pictures this month. Pretty pitiful, considering the fact that we took over 500 pictures in Megan's first week of life!


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J and M said...

i love them! i can't believe how big kienan is!! and, i love megan's big smiles!