Sunday, September 18, 2011

10 randoms

Here are 10 random pictures in no particular order that I would have liked to possibly blog about in more detail. Unfortunately, all you're gonna get instead are pictures and a few words.

#1: For the first month after getting our foster children I almost entirely neglected Megan's hair. This was the most I could do with it, but, obviously, Megan is too young to care.

#2: This is Megan in her cute Sunday dress (bright colors look SOOOOO good on her)-- just before she barfed all over it.

#3: When I finally got around to doing her hair again I tried out this 'do and I was really happy with it.

#4: Here is Megan in a good mood.

#5: Megan thinks that having a diaper on her head makes a really neat hat.

#6: We went to a picnic with hundreds of other kids who have been adopted through our agency. Megan had a blast. (I must admit, I wanted to jump out there myself. Oh, to be a kid again...)

#7: Cousin Oriana came to visit. Here she is with Megan and cousin Kienan.

#8: This would be a picture of Megan holding her little cousin Henry... or a picture of my sister, Jasmin, and I. She flew out here with her youngest son to see me for a few days before she headed back to Bahrain. I can't believe we didn't take any pictures! Boo!

#9: Now that we have a baby in the house Megan likes to do baby things. Sometimes cute; sometimes not-so-cute.

#10: Why are children always so cute when they're asleep...? (note: I love our Swagger Wagon. It rocks.)

That's it. Toldya it was random. Adios.

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