Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Courtesy, Please.

I get so frustrated sometimes.

One thing that always aggravates me is when I see a car... or truck... or SUV... or any vehicle... taking up two spaces in the parking lot. In fact, I get so worked up about it that I want to find that person and punch them.

I know it sounds harsh, but it's true. I really have the urge to yell at them and punch them in the face.

I will attempt to take out my frustration on this blog, and maybe it will help me to vent and not have the urge to give people black eyes.

Dear person-who-takes-up-two-parking-spots-with-one-vehicle,

Who do you think you are? Do you really think that you deserve two parking spaces? Even if your car was expensive, or if your car is big, does that give you the right to take a parking spot away from someone else? If you're going to be so rude, please at least park at the BACK of the lot. If you park in the back you are not a nuisance, and in fact, I would applaud you. You would be taking care of your own needs without bothering someone else.

But, you see, person-who-takes-up-two-parking-spots-with-one-vehicle, it makes me really upset when I see you take up two parking spots at the front of the lot. What about the lady with 5 kids in her van who has to park another 25 spots away and lug her kids all the way to the store? What about the person who has a bum knee but can't get a handicapped sticker? You're just going to be so rude as to prove you are better than them, and that you deserve more because your car is better? That's what you're saying by your actions.

Chances are you owe a smackload of money on that car, while some of us are more frugal and bought a vehicle we could afford. Do you think you are better than me because you're in debt with that gorgeous vehicle? Sure, my car is nothing to brag about, but I would have appreciated that spot, too.

I can't believe what a jerk you are. I am trying to be nice, but I'm growling at everyone in the store because I'm so frustrated by you. I'm looking at everyone because I want to find your nincompoop face and punch it. Lucky for you, you're probably wearing a smile and I'll never detect it's you who's the parking lot fiend. You'll never get the punch in the face you deserve.

And, yes, I realize I'm in the wrong for being so upset about this. I realize I may have some repenting to do. But that doesn't mean you can't have a little courtesy. All I ask is that you park at the back. That's all. Park at the back. Then I won't have to get so worked up all the time.

Okay, that's enough.



Jenny said...

I went shopping with a girlfriend of mine a few yrs back at Christmas time, and she inadvertantly parked over the line at Old Navy. It was enough of a blunder that no one else could park in the spot next to her. When we returned to her car we found a note that read: "New Years resolution: Learn how to park." The message was funny without being too mean. I loved it.

Joanna said...

The worst is when a bunch of people park willy-nilly while the parking lot is covered with an inch of snow. Then half the cars leave, the other half of weirdly-parked cars are still there, and the snow melts, revealing the lines that couldn't be seen before. How do you park when you drive into THAT scenario?

J, C, and E said...

Amen sister!

Jasmin said...

Girl, I love how you make me laugh! (Sorry, I know this is a serious matter for you :)

Hope you're having a great week! Love you!

holley family said...

HA!!!! harms! you read my mind sometimeS! someone did this the other day when it was pouring, and do you know what i did! i wrote a note and put it in my ziploc bag for dirty diapers and put it on their windshield... i do this quite often actually, not just for parking in two spots, but other random sorts of non-curtousy activities... sometime i sit and wait for them and watch them read it. but i'm still too chicken to let them know who i am. buuuuut, then some people do think i'm wierd. eh. oh well.