Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bad stuff & Blessings


Jared's brother is getting a liver transplant. Right now. (I think). Random call yesterday that there was a liver for him. Didn't even know he was #1 on the list. Yeah, guess he's gotten that sick. But you'd never know. He's a trooper.


I'm sure he'll be fine, albeit in a lot of pain for a while. But, I think now of the reason he is receiving a liver. Someone must have died so he could have that liver.

(I don't know for sure that someone died, because I didn't ask, but I don't think someone just came to the hospital and said they'd donate part of their liver. So, yeah. I think someone passed away and that's how he got it). The rest of this post is based on this very fact, so if I find out later that nobody died to give him this liver, this post will be... inapplicable.

So, I've been thinking. But only just a little.

Matt needed a new liver. He got a new liver because somebody died.

Jared and I needed Megan once-upon-a-time. We received Megan, only because her birthmom gave her to us, which was really hard for her to do.

We're doing Foster Care now (maybe you didn't know that... I'll blog more about it later). We'll only get foster kids if they've been abused or neglected by their parents.

All these horrible things that turn into blessings. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Horrible things are allowed to happen, but glorious things can happen as a result.

I mean, Megan's birthmom was pregnant anyway, right? So the Lord placed the right spirit in her body and sent her to us (dang it! why am i tearing up?!).

Unfortunately, these foster children are going to be abused no matter what we do, so they'll be sent to our loving home, and eventually we'll adopt some. Again, the Lord's hand.

It was someone's time to die, and luckily that person was an organ donor. Now Matt gets a new liver and hopefully can be a much healthier man.

Though all these bad things happen, I look for the blessings. I am so grateful.

That is all.


Lisa K said...

I'm very curious to hear about your foster care experience but it's something that I want to do in the future!!

mikensi said...

I need to hear more about Matt!! He's now in our prayers! Hope everything goes superbly! P.S. YAY FOR BABY MEGAN! lol :)

J, C, and E said...

Your amazing spirit and positive attitude never fail to inspire me. Jared's brother is in our prayers, as are you and Jared as you begin this new adventure.

Amy said...

Glad you guys passed the foster "tests" and they determined you're not crazy ;). Hope it all works out!